At Al G. Brown & Associates, we take a holistic approach to investing: we believe that your investment portfolio should be integrated with your overall financial, retirement and estate plans and goals.

 Our team of certified financial planners works with you to create low risk, tax-efficient investment and retirement portfolios that take into account your current and future financial needs, goals, visions and values. We believe that your investments should provide security and guarantee a financially worry-free retirement.

When it comes to your investment portfolio, Al G. Brown & Associates thinks in terms of generations, not quarters. We don't sell stocks, bonds or mutual funds. We don't trade actively to gain commissions or gamble on the next big rally. Our goal is always to preserve and safeguard your capital while achieving your family's financial goals. Through our Estate Preservation Process , we use a custom-tailored combination of guaranteed and tax-efficient products to maximize your returns while minimizing risk. These products may include annuities, segregated funds and universal life insurance, among others.