Family Succession Plans 

A family business is a unique entity.  We, at Al G Brown & Associates, know this to be true because we are a family business.  Founded by Al G. Brown in 1943, we have 70 years and three generations of experience in working with family enterprises.  We have our own family succession plan for the next generation of our family advisors. We are proud to share it with our clients.

Working with a family business requires much more than knowledge of just tax, estate planning and the technicalities of insurance and financial products. Certainly, this knowledge is important but family business planning and succession planning needs more.  It requires empathy, sensitivity, experience and understanding of family values, morals and goals.  It requires a skill set that will help facilitate the transfer of successful family business from one generation to the next.  It requires the ability to communicate in the media that span generations whether it be letter, fax, email or twitter.

We combine our technical knowledge with our ability to address and understand the issues of a family enterprise.  Issues that can determine whether a family business, or in fact a family, will survive from generation to generation. 

“Families have their own rules of their own dynamics, and our goal isn’t to change the family but rather to tailor a plan that fits the dynamic. The lovely thing is that we get to develop trusting, long-lasting relationships for helping to minimize anxiety during a stressful time.”
-Golda Brown