Al G. Brown & Associates’ Estate Preservation ProcessTM is designed to protect and preserve your estate and help you leave a lasting legacy.

At Al G. Brown & Associates, we don’t simply sell you life insurance. Rather, we engage you in

The Estate Preservation ProcessTM, a client-centred, financial- and estate-planning process that:


  • Identifies and focuses on your needs, goals, and values


  • Responds to those needs and goals with a customized selection of intelligent, tax-efficient insurance  and financial-planning products, and


  • Implements and continuously monitors your plan’s progress, fine-tuning as necessary so that you continue to fulfill your individual, family, business and charitable goals.


With the EPP, Al G. Brown & Associates helps our clients to preserve and protect their estates and leave a lasting legacy.





For 70 years and counting, Al G. Brown & Associates has been working with high-net-worth clients — as well as their accountants, lawyers, physicians and other advisers — to find creative, customized and tax-efficient ways to protect and enhance their estates. The EPP has four steps:


  1. Information gathering: First, we analyze your personal, business, family and charitable circumstances, needs, goals and values. When necessary, we will consult with your professional advisors.
  2. Strategy building: Based on that analysis, we then work with you to select the right mix of customized, tax-efficient strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Plan implementation: We work with you to put that plan in place, guiding you through the applications, approvals and funding processes. We use a variety of insurance and financial products to create a financial and estate plan tailored to your needs.
  4. Continuous monitoring: We continue to work closely with you to ensure the success of your plan and to adjust it as your financial and personal circumstances change. Where applicable, we work with your heirs and next generations to ensure continuity and the most seamless possible transfer of assets.

At Al G. Brown & Associates, our business is your personal, professional, family and charitable legacy.