Business Succession Plans 

At Al G. Brown & Associates, we know the immense value and importance of proactive business succession plans. A third-generation family business ourselves, we’ve helped dozens of clients successfully face the challenges that come with transitioning business ownership and leadership from one generation to the next. 

Whether it’s valuations, retirement and estate planning, financing arrangements or insurance planning, Al G. Brown & Associates has experience to help construct comprehensive business succession plans, and to provide the resources and access the products required to implement and maintain them. 

Just as important, we also have the people skills to understand and address the emotional and familial issues that can arise within family businesses.

“According to a 2012 report by KPMG and the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, almost half of Canada's family businesses expect to transfer assets or ownership within the next five years. And yet, more than 80% of those businesses have no formal business succession plan. ”